What I Do: Workshops and Presentations

Workshops are for small groups who share common issues and want to work with a professional, as well as learn from the experiences of other women.

Presentations are for larger groups who are interested in creating a mosaic life, with an emphasis on interactive learning about the research and clinical work that led Beth to develop these ideas.

Benefits of workshops:

  • Social support through hearing the stories and struggles of other women who are also challenged by these issues
  • Increase your tool kit with strategies to evaluate your life, transform negative roles, and find high-quality roles and engage with them
  • Learn how others have drawn clear boundaries
  • Identify the expectations of those around you that have made it difficult for you to live your life in a way consistent with your deeply held values and passion

Benefits of presentations:

  • Learn about the current research into women's lives in an engaging format
  • Become inspired to live your life on your own terms, in a way that is consistent with your value system
  • Challenge yourself to think outside your normal approach to the things that make up your life
  • Begin to create and construct your life, rather than living it based on other peoples' expectations

If you are interested in having me speak to your organization or group, please contact me. If you'd like to learn more about creating a mosaic life and would like information about upcoming workshops and presentations, Visit Your Mosaic Life, a monthly blog.

I left the Creating a Mosaic Life seminar with a spring in my step, more confident that I could do the projects ahead and with more energy for my family. Beth helped me realize what I can do because I looked at how much I had already accomplished.
Melody S., workshop participant